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Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage: Are People Happy With Their Medicare Advantage Plans?
November 30, 2023

Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage: Are People Happy With Their Medicare Advantage Plans?

Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage

Over 26 million people are enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans, representing 46% of all Medicare beneficiaries. These private plan alternatives to Original Medicare continue to surge in popularity. But how satisfied are enrollees with the coverage?

Medicare Advantage Plans attract members through offerings like $0 premiums, dental benefits, fitness membership perks, and capped annual out-of-pocket spending. However, prior authorization requirements, provider network restrictions, and plan churn year-to-year also introduce dissatisfactions for some members.

Surveys indicate most Medicare Advantage participants give high marks overall. Yet many enrollees don’t fully comprehend plan rules and limitations leading to surprises. Let’s delve deeper into the pros, cons and consumer sentiments.

Pros of Medicare Advantage Plans

There are lots of advantages gaining appeal for Medicare Advantage when compared to Original Medicare including:

Lower Costs

Many Medicare Advantage Plans offer zero dollar monthly premiums beyond required Part B costs while also capping out-of-pocket expenditures for the year through limits ranging from $2500 – $6700 on average. This financial predictability proves enticing, especially for retirees on fixed incomes.

Cost Predictability

Beyond premiums and spending cap relief, most services under Medicare Advantage feature fixed dollar copays – like $10 for a primary doctor visit or $75 for a specialist. This allows reliable budgeting unlike Original Medicare’s confusing 20% coinsurance model that can really add up.

Extra Benefits

Half of Medicare Advantage enrollees are attracted by enhanced benefits not included under standard Medicare like dental, vision, hearing aids, transportation to appointments, over-the-counter drug allowances and gym memberships. These valuable additions increase satisfaction.

Cons of Medicare Medicare Advantage Causing Dissatisfaction

At the same time, Medicare Advantage Plan enrollment comes with drawbacks driving dissatisfaction such as:

High Annual Deductibles

Some Medicare Advantage Plans impose hefty yearly deductibles before coverage kicks in similar to high-deductible health plans. These create significant out-of-pocket costs before accessing benefits.

Authorization Hassles

Many enrollees run into frustrations from Medicare Advantage prior authorization requirements for lots of services from specialty visits to procedures to hospital stays. This adds treatment delays and claims headaches.

Yearly Plan Churn

Because insurers frequently discontinue or alter Medicare Advantage Plan offerings year-to-year, enrollees must research choices and make new decisions annually during open enrollment which proves daunting to some seniors. Benefit tweaks and network changes contribute to dissatisfaction.

Medicare Advantage Enrollee Satisfaction

Recent surveys shed light on how content or disgruntled Medicare Advantage members feel:

High Overall Satisfaction

According to J.D. Power’s 2022 Medicare Advantage study, over 90% of Medicare Advantage participants are satisfied overall – with 63% of enrollees saying they are “highly satisfied” and 36% “somewhat satisfied” with their plan choices.

Medicare Advantage satisfaction exceeds ratings for commercial health maintenance organizations (HMOs) which have a 65% highly satisfied rate suggesting Medicare Advantage delivers strong value.

Confusion and Challenges

While generally positive, the J.D. Power survey found one-third of Medicare Advantage enrollees still find understanding their plans’ coverage rules difficult.

Enrollees expressed confusion regarding copayment cost differences between visiting primary care physicians verses specialist physicians contained within the plan’s provider network.

Over 70% of Medicare Advantage Plan participants reported some level of challenge regarding prior authorization approvals needed from the plan for certain services and procedures. Hassles get treatments delayed or denied.

Factors Influencing Medicare Advantage Satisfaction

Looking deeper into motives for joining Medicare Advantage and relative perceptions provides helpful perspective:

Affordability allures

Reasons cited for initially enrolling in Medicare Advantage Plans centered heavily around lower costs including smaller premiums than Medigap alternatives (28%), overall affordability (23%), and standard copayments with out-of-pocket cost caps (17%).

Favorable cost comparisons

When comparing their Medicare Advantage Plans to previous healthcare plans, members cited saving money as the top favorable difference (39%). Better coverage for prescriptions, dental and vision followed as advantages over former plans for 24% of enrollees.

Improvement areas

In terms of where Medicare Advantage coverage falls short versus previous plans, 26% of enrollees dislike new provider networks forcing them to find new general physicians and specialists. Another 15% feel current prescription drug coverage proves more restrictive requiring higher payment tiers for prescriptions they previously accessed at lower preferred tiers with past plans causing cost and access frustrations.

Gaining perspective from thousands of enrollees through composite satisfaction surveys showcases mostly happy MA plan participants plus consistent problem points to improve.

Understanding and Choosing Medicare Advantage Plans

The importance of enrollees gaining full comprehension of Medicare Advantage Plan parameters emerges clearly given gaps in understanding around confusing copayments differences, ever changing provider networks and prior authorization practices. Let’s explore considerations when selecting plans.

Gain Full Transparency

Experts emphasize Medicare beneficiaries must spend quality time when initially selecting Medicare Advantage Plans to completely understand copayment and coinsurance obligations, provider networks – especially relative to current and expected future doctors utilized – and prior authorization rules required for various healthcare services to avoid surprises.

Comparing Medicare Advantage offerings to Original Medicare coverage proves useful as well before locking in plan decisions. What seems like a good deal may come with nagging hassles outweighing advantages.

Align Plan Selection with Needs

Of course, every Medicare eligible person’s health status and coverage priorities differ – driven by financial situation, healthcare utilization expectations, chronic conditions and provider access needs among other factors.

Tailoring Medicare Advantage Plan selections through thorough assessments of what providers you require ongoing access to, prescription drugs you currently take (or foresee needing), monthly premium affordability and your risk tolerance around out-of-pocket costs facilitates matching ideal options.


Surveys show the vast majority of Medicare Advantage enrollees feel satisfied, especially regarding costs – but even 90%+ satisfaction rates leaves over 1 million participants discontented. Confusion around plan rules clearly troubles many members.

Approaching Medicare Advantage selections as a thoughtful matching exercise between varying plan features and individual status and priorities and then confirming choices against other options goes a long way to ensuring maximum contentment.

Rather than being swayed by monthly premium prices alone or assuming all similarly marketed plans include your favorite hospital system, do careful homework. As with major purchases like cars and homes, substantial upfront investment comparing Medicare alternatives pays satisfaction dividends for years ahead.

We’re Here to Help

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Frequently asked questions

As a beneficiary, what information should I know about Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, provides a variety of health insurance options. These options can include: HMOs, PPOs, private fee-for-service plans, and others. Medicare Advantage often combines Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance), and sometimes prescription drug coverage.

How does the Medicare coverage differ for Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage?

 Medicare Advantage Plans often include more coverage than Original Medicare, such as vision, hearing, dental, and wellness programs. While Original Medicare covers many healthcare services, it doesn’t cover everything. Often, you would need to purchase additional insurance, like a Medigap Plan, to cover the gaps.

Can you explain some cons of Medicare Advantage Plans?

 While there are many benefits to Medicare Advantage Plans, there are a few drawbacks one should consider. Some plans may limit your freedom to choose your providers, requiring you to use doctors and facilities that belong to the plan’s network. Additionally, plans may have different rules and costs, making it crucial to understand the terms before you join.

What are my Medicare options if I’m not satisfied with my Medicare Advantage Plan?

 If you’re not satisfied with your Medicare Advantage Plan, you can switch back to Traditional Medicare during the Medicare Open Enrollment period. You may also choose to supplement your coverage with a Medigap Plan or a standalone Part D drug plan.

As a new beneficiary, where can I find detailed information about Medicare Advantage Plans?

The Medicare Plan Finder tool on the official Medicare website is a great resource to find detailed information about Medicare Advantage Plans. Also, your state’s health insurance assistance program office can offer free, personalized health insurance counseling.

How do Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries report their satisfaction?

 Many Medicare Advantage beneficiaries report high levels of satisfaction with their coverage. Satisfaction rates can vary based on factors like plan type, service quality, and cost. However, before enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan, it’s recommended to check the plan’s star rating on the Medicare website, which is based on the beneficiaries’ feedback.

Are there significant differences between the pros and cons of Medicare Advantage and Traditional Medicare?

 Yes, there are differences between the pros and cons of Medicare Advantage and Traditional Medicare. For instance, Traditional Medicare allows you to see any doctor who accepts Medicare, regardless of location. However, it doesn’t cover most prescription drugs. On the other hand, Medicare Advantage Plans often cover prescription drugs and extra services but may limit you to certain doctors and hospitals.

How does Medicare to Advantage transition work?

If you decide to switch from Traditional Medicare to Medicare Advantage, you can do so during specific periods of the year, including the annual Medicare Open Enrollment period. Keep in mind your Medicare Advantage Plan will completely replace your Original Medicare coverage.

Is it true that Medicare Advantage Plans often include prescription drug coverage?

 Yes, most Medicare Advantage Plans include prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D). However, it’s always wise to check before joining the plan to ensure it covers your specific medications.

How do I know if I’ll be satisfied with a Medicare Advantage Plan?

 According to the state health insurance assistance, key factors that contribute to satisfaction include cost, availability of preferred doctors and hospitals, and coverage for any needed prescription drugs. It’s recommended to thoroughly review the plan details and cost, consult with your physician about required coverage, and check the plan’s Medicare Star Rating before making a decision.

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